The Endangered Plants Company



     The Endangered Plants Company 

The story

Our love for nature, especially flowers, has been the main reason for our studies and research. As the scientific forecast for the planet is highly critical, we have rising concern for the world of plants and their future. Many plants species are threatened, and the natural resources of our planet are depleted because of habitat destruction, increase population, deforestation, invasive species, over- collecting, pollution, climate change and global warming. A meadow full of wildflowers is a vast reserve for biodiversity and the food chain of many species, from insects to butterflies, bees, birds and mammals. The endangerment of many species threatens natural heritage and affects the beauty of the environment. Plants are of vital importance for the human survival on the planet. Nature provides us with food, water, medicine, fibres, shelter, fuel and building materials. We are completely dependent on it for all our primary needs. 

The Endangered Plants Company's business philosophy is to use art as an ambassador to promote conservation and save endangered plants. 


This project has originated from the foundation of visual and academic work into the world of nature and art. We are using art as an ambassador for saving endangered plants and promote conservation. We would like to engage people’s mind and make them grasp the beauty and fragility of nature through our work. Our aim is using design to raise awareness, inspire, stimulate discussion and provoke debate, all of which might eventually lead to change and, above all, result in saving the endangered species. We feel that it is our responsibility to support and help the plant conservation organisations in their efforts to end the decline of the native flora of Europe and to ensure that all our wild flowering plants, ferns and mosses remain for future generations to enjoy. 


We are specialised in creating artwork inspired by flowers and plants, using our passion for botanical matters to design unique prints for fashion, furnishing and more. We combine creativity and innovation with the highest levels of quality: quality of design, product and service. Our collection includes a stunning limited edition of scarves.  Our home range is distinctive, eclectic and fun with cushions, lampshades and other items for the home and garden. All the products are made in Britain and Italy.

We are proud to donate a portion of our profit to BGCI (Botanic Gardens Conservation International). 

BGCI is a leading organisation devoted to preserving plant diversity and save the world’s endangered flora.​